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This tumblr WAS supposed to be about stuff I made, drew, or photographed, (see it all under the tag) , but then it disintegrated into random philosophising, tall ship fandom, mini rants about how I suck at digital drawing and can't live without a scanner, hurdy gurdy music and the occasional instagram photo.



Sorry. :P

While we’re at it, let’s not forget that today is the 71st anniversary of the Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto (not to be confused with the Warsaw Uprising). 

You’ve probably seen this iconic WW2 picture before:

It’s a picture of Jewish civilians being taken prisoner during the German’s efforts to quench the uprising. These people were defending themselves against extermination- the Germans had entered the ghetto on April 19th with the intent of emptying it. You can guess in what ways.

This uprising wasn’t a military act- it was a civilian self-defense, a last stand against execution.

On this date Warsaw citizens wear daffodils to remember them. Daffodils bloom in April, from a distance they look remarkably like a yellow star, and were the flowers that Marek Edelman, one of the Uprising’s leaders, would place at the Monument to the Ghetto Heroes every year.

Obligatory photo of springtime.



Easter in Poland- a time of family, faith, togetherness, and incessant jokes about how ‘eggs’ is also slang for ‘testicles’.

This neatly translated into German. And you don’t even want to know about St. Nicholas and his bag.

What is incredible is that these jokes never seem to get old. People just sit on them all year (pun NOT intended)- because eggs aren’t exactly a rare thing, right?- and as soon as Easter rolls around, everyone acts like they’ve never heard anything more funny or clever in their lives.

Maybe the ancient memory of those pagan springtime fertility rituals has not entirely left us, after all ;)

Easter in Poland- a time of family, faith, togetherness, and incessant jokes about how ‘eggs’ is also slang for ‘testicles’.

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I found it really helps doing the work with inspired stuff. As a teenager I almost exclusively drew horses, but doing so gave me an eye for proportions, shading etc. Also it came in really handy when I started with LotR stuff.

Your LotR stuff <3 <3 <3 

As a teenager, I drew a lot of naked people doing it  because I absolutely hated the teenage obsession with sex and thought that was a way to give it the middle finger (logic.). Then I drew RP characters for a while and tried desperately to morph into Regis Loisel. That didn’t work out so well, but it did mean I got to draw some really atypical faces and funky creatures. 

Actually, did you know I tried to emulate YOU for a while before it dawned on me that I can’t just ‘take’ someone else’s style because I have my own buried somewhere deep inside? Of course the early TORC nerds were really not getting my style, but whatevs. They couldn’t handle anything that wasn’t hyper-realistic.

I still envy people who can get closer to classic fantasy art. But that’s my own fault, I need to practice drawing people more.


[A GHOST SHIP ON THE BLUE] - Sea shanties and slightly damp tunes for roving sailors and salty sea dogs. 


i. Paper Ships - Dead Man’s Bones | ii. Never Seen The Sea - Gavin Clark | iii. In All My Dreams I Drown - Jessica Lowndes & Terrance Zdunich | iv. Pirate’s Gospel - Alela Diane | v. Deep Blue Sea - Grizzly Bear | vi. Sea Fever - Kingston Trio | vii. The Sea - Final Fantasy | viii. Wave Over Wave - Great Big Sea | ix. William Taylor - Sean Dagher | x. Away Rio - Kingston Trio | xi. Randy Dandy Oh - Sean Dagher | xii. Fish In The Sea - Michiel Schrey | xiii. The Mermaid - Great Big Sea

Hey anchorfaced, you know what I just realised?

That’s MY PHOTO!

I didn’t notice before when you first posted this. Where’d you find it?

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Doodly doodly doodly doodly, easter egg pattern sunrise.


"bisexuals have straight passing privilege"
did you mean bi erasure ?
having people constantly assume im straight or gay based on who im dating or how I dress isn’t a privilege. it’s degrading and ignorant.

Thiiiiis is important. Any privilege bisexual people get thanks to sometimes being in a relationship that appears straight is outweighed by the fact that in order to claim that privilege, they have to lie about who they are, restrict their dating pool to the opposite gender, and risk being dismissed, mocked, or even attacked if they decide to reveal their bisexuality…guess what, not only by straight people, but by gay people as well. 

A privilege that demands that you deny who you really are in order to benefit from it is a very shitty privilege.

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I did a big breakdown of the entire image featuring Marco Marco’s stuff. Image from NewNowNext.

Are they all superheroes? They must be. Magical superheroes. 

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Proof that I love my family: I just stood in line for two hours to buy some white sausage, ham, and raw bacon for Easter. And I’m a vegetarian.

Forgot my sketchbook, too, so I bought a notepad and a pen on the way there.

Last one is coloured in photoshop, obvs.

It took me literally forever to start liking my own art. Seriously the amount I put on Tumblr is insane because nine months ago I wouldn’t even show my stuff to my best friend. I 100% identify with how you’re feeling.

I think the problem is I always tried to skip ahead to the inspired stuff without doing the work. I’d go to art class and they had figure drawing and still life and I’d be like, I don’t want to draw vases! Vases suck! But of course you need to draw some vases in order to learn to draw light and depth and perspective…but it’s crazy how depressing that shit can be, I mean you work for hours and hours and hours and end up with a portfolio full of ugly charcoal still lifes that mean absolutely nothing. Or the occasional acrylic horror with no depth and tired colours- and the worst thing is everyone in your class painted the exact same fucking vase.

One time the theme was open, no model, no still life, but you were supposed to paint your best friend. I fingerpainted an octopus and the teacher frowned so hard his eyebrows met his nostrils. Not very encouraging.

I don’t deal well with rules. I remember being eight and churning out 20 paintings a day, and my parents made the mistake of trying to gently suggest that I was doing it too fast and being sloppy, that if I focused a little more on each painting they’d be really, really good. All true and well meant, but the point is I was enjoying it, it was an unconscious experiment, and suddenly it couldn’t be anymore.

Then I painted a rose, once, and a teacher said, oh, that’s nice, but remember, real artists don’t sketch in pencil first. That was utter rubbish, but I believed him.

And I wasted so much time, so much time thinking, if I can’t draw this as well as Random Artist, there’s no point in drawing it at all.

So done with that.

I like all your stuff but then maybe that makes me unfit to crit anything lol.

You might wanna reconsider your tastes :P Ok, no, I’m not that self-depreciating, but the truth is I’ve always been sort of at a loss to figure out which art is good. Both mine and other people’s- they often leave me cold, I know there’s stuff to like but I feel like I’m looking at them through a dirty perspex pane and can’t quite see the point. I almost never feel any passion for art, surprisingly. Just the…how would you put it…the understanding that it’s worth having passion for.

Yes, I know, it’s really stupid for someone who actually wants to be an artist :D

It’s like groping blind over here. Sometimes I make something and I’m really happy with it, like REALLY happy, and then it turns out that it’s awful kitsch. Or at least people react to it that way. Sometimes I make something that’s nice but really inconsequential, so I just set it aside, and then I see other people make the same sort of stuff and be very successful with it.

So I just sit there staring at something I drew, closing one eye, then the other, step back, look at it in the mirror, go to bed and do the same the next day…

The point of starting this tumblr way back when was actually to put more random stuff out there, like this one:

…instead of waiting for that one ‘perfect’ image. Increase the volume in hopes of increasing the quality, if you know what I mean. Post as soon as it’s done, no matter what I think of it, because otherwise I’ll overthink it to death. Who cares if it actually sucks and I didn’t notice, I’ll do a better one tomorrow- and so far the stuff I thought sucked is the stuff people like most of all.

I know I need work to improve, anyway, so can’t go wrong there. 

(and also I meant to tell you that it makes me happy that you-a damn good artist after all -  like so much of my stuff but didn’t want to accidentally make you feel like you now had to make sure to like EVERYTHING to keep me from feeling slighted :D)

(also sorry for rambling on about myself, I tend to do that whenever someone shows the slightest bit of attention. Hey, but this is my tumblr innit :P :P :P)

Well, figures, the drawing I thought was the best one is the one no one likes, and the only one that gets actual criticism. 


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I eat smoked cheese with chocolate. Well, I used to when I still ate chocolate.

Oooh. Smoked things give me headaches, but I imagine dark chocolate ould be quite nice with a strong cheese. (What is your reason for not eating chocolate now? :) )

Well, I still eat it sometimes. Very, very rarely. I avoid it at all costs. I used to eat a lot of sweet stuff, so much you wouldn’t believe (I could, for example, do a jar of Nutella in two days), and then one day I just couldn’t anymore, I ate one s’more and I thought I was going to curl up and die. Since then I’ve consistently noticed that chocolate, sweets, candy, and other junk foods make me feel physically and mentally sick- nauseated, feverish, hyper, anxious, miserable. I’m not sure why it took me all those years to finally go overboard , but I feel so much better since I cut that sort of food out of my diet. I have more energy. I don’t feel sluggish anymore, or dizzy, or fatigued all the time. Honestly I didn’t even KNOW I felt that way all the time until I stopped.

This is half good, because junk food is really bad for you so it’s good to have a deterrent,  and half horrible, because I actually love junk food. Right now what happens is I crave it because of the memory of how it made me feel, while at the same time being repulsed by the idea of eating it because of how I know it will make me feel almost as soon as I put it in my mouth. 

And every now and then I just can’t help myself and have some anyway. If it’s just sitting there, and if it’s exactly what I like…

Instant regrets, basically, but the funny thing with sweet stuff is that it tricks me into believing that having some more will make it better instead of making it worse. How, I have no idea.

Needless to say, between the traditional cold cuts and the traditional chocolate tarts, Easter is going to be absolutely dreadful.